Facts and Questions About The HCG Diet

Rockville Maryland HCG Medical Weight Loss Doctor, LaKeischa McMillan, M.D. at Nava Health and Vitality Center of Rockville offers customized programs to men and women in the Montgomery County area that want to achieve a healthier physique through losing weight. With a primary goal to prevent obesity related illnesses, LaKeischa McMillan, M.D. helps patients to quickly and safely lose weight with the HCG Diet. Tailoring HCG Diet plans to suit individual goals, needs, and preferences, Doctor LaKeischa McMillan, M.D. has helped vast numbers of men and women in the Montgomery County and Rockville, Maryland areas to successfully lose weight. She thoroughly assesses each patient when determining candidacy for the HCG Diet and is happy to answer any questions that may arise throughout the process. Some of the common questions she often receives include:

Who invented the HCG diet?

The HCG diet was pioneered by Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons. This diet plan was a result of years of research and study conducted by Dr. Simeons on impoverished pregnant women. These women, even under circumstances such as malnourishment and inadequate daily calorie intake were able to give birth to healthy, full weight infants. Dr. Simeons conducted various studies and observed that it was the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone, produced naturally by a woman’s body during pregnancy that was responsible for preserving the health of the infants. Doctor Simeon took these findings and began to use HCG hormone supplementation in conjunction with a low calorie diet to effect drastic weight loss results in many of his patients suffering from obesity and weight loss resistance.

How long has the HCG diet been around?

It was during the 1950’s when Dr. Simeons discovered the fat burning properties of the HCG hormone and used it with a low calorie diet to create the HCG diet plan. In 1954, Dr. Simeons also wrote a book based on his findings titled Pounds and Inches – A new approach to obesity in which he discussed his work and research with obesity and treatments using the hormone HCG.

How much weight can I lose on the HCG diet and how fast?

Typically an HCG dieter loses from anywhere between ½ to 2 pounds a day. Good fiber and water intake is extremely important, as they help flush out the excess fat from your body. If you are a fitness fan, you can also stick to a light exercise during the course on the HCG diet. HCG dieters have lost as much as 30 pounds in one round of an HCG diet course, proving that the HCG diet is very effective in burning excess body fat and losing weight.

Who is a good candidate for the HCG diet plan?

Any person who wishes to reduce his/her weight can consult a physician to learn more about the HCG diet plan and its benefits. However, HCG diet plans are not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. Talk to your doctor about any health complications or medications you are taking before starting an HCG diet plan.

How can women benefit from an HCG diet?

Overweight women or women who are suffering from obesity can benefit greatly from the HCG diet program. Since the HCG hormone targets fat stores only in specific areas of the body (stomach, thighs, arms), women dedicated to an HCG diet plan designed for them can get a leaner body in just a few weeks. With a light exercise routine, women can also get fit while losing their excess body fat. There is also a marked improvement in the mood and energy levels of women who take part in the diet program.

How can men benefit from an HCG diet?

The HCG diet plan can be a great choice for men who are looking to reduce their body weight. Along with fat loss, the HCG hormone also boosts the testosterone levels in men, which helps the body to replace the existing fat stores with muscle. This HCG diet plan coupled with a light exercise routine can help men get a lean body in just a few weeks.

How will I keep off the weight after completing an HCG diet plan?

This requires more effort than the HCG diet itself. Once the HCG diet program has been completed, you will need to ease back to a more regular daily caloric intake, while maintaining healthy food choices. Going back to fat rich foods and a sedentary lifestyle will void all the progress achieved during the diet program; you will gain weight just as fast as you lost it. Your physician will guide and monitor you as you start consuming foods that were not allowed during the diet program. Some foods may cause weight gain, which you will have to avoid for a few weeks. You will also need a regular exercise or physical activity regime to avoid gaining back the excess weight. Proper diet and exercise is the key to maintaining the lean body figure that you have obtained.

How can an HCG diet plan improve my overall wellness and health?

Doctors agree that maintaining a healthy bodyweight, eating right, and staying active all play a role in your overall wellness and health. An HCG diet designed for specifically for your body’s needs can give you the boost you need to lose weight and kick-start your metabolism. Countless patients have used the HCG diet as a first step on a road toward better health and wellness.

Will I be hungry while on an HCG diet plan?

During the first few days after starting a low-calorie diet as part of an HCG diet plan it is not uncommon to have some hunger as your body adjusts to eating less food. Most patients do not report any negative side effects associated with hunger after the first few days of the diet as the HCG is doing its job in targeting stored body fat to sustain your body’s needs, preventing hunger pains and stimulating weight loss.

Should I exercise as a part of my HCG diet plan?

A light exercise routine can be observed during an HCG diet program however it is not required. After the program has been completed, it is recommended to get regular exercise or some type of physical activity to preserve your new-found metabolic function and perpetuate your healthy results. Talk to your doctor about what type of physical activity is right for your body before, during and after an HCG diet plan.

Rockville Maryland HCG Medical Weight Loss Doctor LaKeischa McMillan, M.D. at Nava Health and Vitality Center of Rockville has helped wide numbers of men and women to achieve their weight loss goals with the HCG Diet. Providing safe and effective HCG medical weight loss programs, LaKeischa McMillan, M.D. has helped patients to look and feel better from the inside out. Many patients have obtained life-changing results with the help of the HCG Diet. To learn more about obtaining a specialized HCG Diet plan, contact Rockville Maryland HCG Medical Weight Loss Doctor LaKeischa McMillan, M.D. today to schedule a consultation!